What we offer

The services offered by Robomichael Limited are backed up with technical support from strategic partnerships with foreign and local partners. These include a widely experienced Engineering and Automation, Project and Quality Management Consultants. Our partnership provides us with many years of technical expertise in the supply and integration of electrical instruments and automation systems.


Robomichael cooperates with carefully selected suppliers and subcontractors, To maintain its consistently high service standards. Robomichael only teams up with companies committed to international standard and practices.

Presently our Oil & Gas sector services are in the down stream sector, – supply of petroleum products – which cuts across a wide range of industries- power, oil & gas, telecommunication, e.t.c. Aspects of this product line includes, importation of petroleum products, Export/evacuation of products and marketing & distribution(onhsore & offshore) of petroleum products.

Robomichael undertakes large scale power generation projects, on behalf of large industrial users, both onshore and offshore. Our generation activities are enhanced by the opportunities for leverage created by the synergy  in our generation and petroleum products business line.

Our services includes Project & quality management on behalf of our clients.

  • Engineering design: basic & detailed designs
  • Drafting
  • Engineered equipment delivery
  • Engineering Procurement & construction

This involves the procurement and supply of various equipment and spares for oilfield services. The supplied equipment includes:

  • Power plant equipment/spare parts
  • Turbine parts
  • Diesel engine parts
  • Gas engine parts
  • Safety equipment & valves

Our operation and maintenance service covers various rotating equipment including:

  • Turbines
  • Gas engines
  • Diesel engines
  • Power generators
  • Mechanical pumps
  • Mechanical drives

OML 11

OML 11 lies in the southeastern Niger Delta and contains 33 oil and gas fields. This makes it one of the most important blocks in
Nigeria. The terrain is swamp to the south with numerous rivers and creeks. Port Harcourt is located in the northwest of the
block, while the major yard and logistics base at Onne is located by the Bonny River. The Bonny oil terminal – the largest in
Nigeria – and Nigeria LNG (NLNG) are both at Bonny Island within OML 11. These terminals are supplied with oil and gas from
all over the delta as well as offshore fields. A high density of inter-field flowlines and strategic trunklines traverse OML 11.

In the central part of the block – and comprising about 30% of its area – lies the region of Ogoniland. In the late 1980s, concerns
over the environmental impact of oil operations resulted in organised protests by the Ogoni people. Infrastructure was
vandalised and increasing hostility towards oil operations made the region off-limits. In 1993, intervention by the Nigerian
military followed by the execution of leading campaigners for the Ogonis in 1995, effectively ended all operations by Shell. All
production in Ogoniland has been shut-in since. However, Ogoniland is still a transit route for a major pipeline transporting crude
from other parts of the onshore delta.

Production from OML 11 is from six fields, outwith the Ogoni region. OML 11 also contributes substantial volumes of gas to
NLNG, primarily from the Bonny field in the south of the block. Shell also operates the Afam VI gas-fired power station, which is
supplied from the Afam field in the north of the block.