Robomichael Limited is full service energy company engaged amongst other things, in the business of engineering, project management, oil & gas marketing, electricity generation, supply procurement, as well as installation and operation of all kinds of electrical/mechanical equipment for and on behalf of third parties.

We seek to advance the security and sustainable supply of energy to homes, businesses and public establishments in Nigeria. Its services and operations are enhanced by the presence of a core group of no-staff experts and a central brain trust whose responsibility is to offer a spectrum of convenient and cost effective options to a growing customer base.

With support from our foreign partners, we have continued to redefine sustainable supply of energy to power the Nigerian economy.


To be a leading global company in building the future of Nigerian and Africa


  • Provide quality, integrity and professional excellence

  • Enhance customer satisfaction, while increasing the work volume

  • Protect the environment, guarantee occupational health & safety

  • Grow into a true global company


Arobo Egirani

Managing Director

An astute team leader with major experience in industry practice and contractor oriented organizations. She has acquired immense experience in private and contract oriented organizations (Marketing, Management and Administration).

Captain Samir Ibrahim

Executive Director

Trains as a commercial pilot and work in Nigeria from 1980-2000. He also works as an Executive Director in Afri Projects Consortium which was the arm of government that oversees the timely execution of contracts in Nigeria from 2000 to 2006. He then joint Robomichael ltd Power, Oil & Gas from 2006 to date as an Executive Director.

Engr. Yomi Awodipe

Engineering Consultant

Professional Engineer with over 35 years of extensive domestic and international experience in the installation, commissioning, designing of Power Plant Control Systems and Project Management of electric power plants.